Please take a minute and read our damage guidelines below to see if your items meet our criteria.

When selling to Cash4StripsNow, we want to make it as clear as possible to our clients on how we are grading your items. Any boxes that arrive to us damaged will be marked down 50%.

How To Avoid Damage

The most common reason boxes arrive to us damaged is because clients are trying to remove their pharmacy labels by themselves! Please NEVER do this as it can cause extreme damage to the boxes very easily. We remove them professionally and carefully to avoid any damage. You can always contact us at 469-701-2328 with any questions before shipping.

What Is Considered Acceptable Damage?

First things first, the expiration date cannot be smeared and the seals must ALWAYS be in tact or we cannot accept them at all. Acceptable damage would be considered tears, ink, scrapes, dents, creases, crushing or bent boxes. It’s okay if your box has tape on them, just don’t remove them yourself or you could damage your boxes.

What Is Considered Unacceptable Damage?

Boxes that have holes in them or seals broken are the most common reasons. Others include the expiration date being smeared or unreadable, or the boxes having slashes through them. We also will not accept any items that aren’t listed on our website or if they don’t fall between our expiration date guidelines.