Should I remove the pharmacy labels?

Please DO NOT remove any pharmacy labels on any of your items. You risk tearing the boxes and this would decrease your payout dramatically. We will remove all labels and shred information.

Who pays for the shipping fees?

We do! A kit is mailed to you with a prepaid return label along with an insert and bubble wrap to protect your items. All you have to do is drop it off at a local USPS location!

Can I just get an email labeled?

Absolutely! Please include this in the notes section if you placed an online order or you may email, text or call us to get one as well.

Why are the prices fluctuating?

All prices are subject to change because we are considered a medium and have no control over the market. If the price has changed since you were quoted when we receive your shipment, we will still honor the price one time.

Do you buy Insulin?

The only types of insulin we purchase is Humulin and Novolin. These are over-the-counter insulins and be obtained without a prescription.

What is the expiration date policy?

To receive full price on our website, test strips must expire 10+ months, CGM’s must expire 7+ months and Medtronic supplies must expire 12+ months from current month. Items with shorter dates will be paid at a discounted price. All items MUST BE MINT CONDITION and pass our damage guidelines to receive full payout.

Do you return items that were sent in but are not accepted?

Per our Terms & Conditions, we do not return any items once they have been processed by the receiving department. All returns are case by case basis.

I’ve been scammed before. Are you guys legit?

YES! We always encourage new clients to do their research on companies. There are a lot of bad eggs out there! Luckily for you, we AREN’T one of them! You can check out our reviews on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCash4StripsNow