You can give us a call at 469-701-2328 or email us at

Yes, boxes expiring 1/2022 and later will receive full value, and any boxes expiring 10/2021 to 12/2021 will receive 50% value.

Please DO NOT remove the labels from the boxes as we are trained to remove them professionally. You may cross out your personal information with pen or marker before sending.

We do! We cover all shipping costs to and from our local office.

Yes! Diabetic test strips are an over-the-counter medical supply, and therefore completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription.

Yes, any boxes with tears or large dents will only receive 50% of the payout stated.

You will be asked to choose which payment method you would like to use once you receive your kit.

We are unable to accept any boxes from Medicare & Medicaid, and they will be donated if they are sent to us.